IMPORTANT NOTICE: To our customers

Since the relocation of U.S. Flag from Beaumont to the Austin area we have experienced multiple telephone issues. Many time the calls are dropped, lost, or are difficult to hear. We have had the same numbers for 22 years through ATT.

Since our relocation ATT “ports” our numbers to Office at Hand in Houston, who in turns forwards them to Verizon land lines in Wimberley. All three parties will not accept responsibility of the issues we are having.

In 2013 we had over 20,000 incoming calls, 10,457 of these calls were dropped or lost. As you can imagine it is very frustrating for us and even more frustrating is the fact that it is beyond our control and we can’t seem to get the issue resolved.

We value your business and apologize for any problems you have experienced.

We will continue to keep our old numbers since we have over 140,000 customers that have relied on those numbers for over 20 + years.

If you have difficulty please try the three direct numbers below.

Also feel free to email us at

512-847-3535   512-847-3636   512-847-8700

Thank you for your patience during this transition.

As always we will do our best to serve you, and you are business is appreciated.

Thank you,

Tom Jordan

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